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ASB Bank, commonly stylized as ASB, is a bank owned by Commonwealth Bank of Australia, operating in New Zealand. It provides a range of financial services including retail, business, and rural banking, funds management, as well as insurance through its Sovereign Limited subsidiary, and investment and securities services through its ASB Group Investments and ASB Securities divisions.

ASB Bank lacks career progression, salary is poor, and Management encourages overwork and overtime due to lack of staff, according to a former employee at

"Lack of career progression, poorly paid, Management encourages overtime and overwork due to staffing levels. No clear strategy or tone from the top, a values-based organization that leaves a lot of wiggle room."


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Current Employee - Operational Risk Manager says

"No pay rises 2 years in a row Risk renumeration review promised, recognising that ASB is paying below market for in demand Risk and Compliance roles, but was put on hold over COVID-19 and never revisited. Limited learning opportunities – expected to fund growth yourself Expected to go above and beyond your job description. Teams are run without the FTE to complete the yearly strategy and then disadvantaged in annual reviews. No clear strategy or tone from the top, values based organisation that leaves a lot of wiggle room. Rude executives- ELT who believe they can not follow policy or frameworks. No transparency, every decision done behind locked doors leading to bias and protectionism."

Current Employee - Customer Service Officer says

"lots of pressure, lots of workload but not enough pay"

Test Automation and Performance Specialist says

"Crappy management Undue favoritism Autocratic culture No Consideration to employee feedback No good work No appreciation Bad team and management ethics Unfavorable team environment"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management was stiff. Do no promote from within employees tend to move a lot horizontally rather than vertically. Low pay in comparison with other banks."

Current Employee - Technical Consultant says

"Constant organizational change for the last 3 years. Leadership is consumed by box-ticking and is unable to provide any significant guidance or mentorship. Performance plans and professional development is lacking with a focus on "ways of working" vs your actual technical skillset. It's easy for those who just coast to get away with doing very little with no real consequence. The biggest revelation for any new starter is to accept that you will be working with outdated, antiquated technologies more than you will the latest and greatest. The bank, in all divisions, is consumed by significant politics and bureaucracy."

Current Employee - Personal Banker says

"No one really ever seems to know what’s going on. No reliable source of information"

Former Employee - Financial Accountant says

"Senior management encourages consistently long hours, without compensation or time back - this often goes unappreciated and is expected. High staff turnover and uneven work split due to this. Senior management is not approachable or open to ideas, despite the bank promoting innovation."

Former Employee - Accounting Manager says

"Management encourages overtime and overwork due to staffing levels. High level of corporate politics."

Current Employee - Customer Service Officer says

"Working as customer service officer, especially at a 7 day branch that opens on most public holidays and working on rotating roster makes it difficult to balance work-life, also going through same topic every morning for two years, it is not motivating at all but puts you off completely. No chance of career development if you are not in top 30, also the sales pressure gets worse and worse, more demanding but hard to get pay rise."

Current Employee - Mechanical Engineer says

"noting groth in this company"

STA (Former Employee) says

"No growth, horrible managers and yeah politics at the lowest level. Forget promotion, coz it's never about work here but what "others" think about you. Infested with consultants so it's obvious, you have no goals, learning, expectations and recognition but just to get the work done via them."

Credit solutions (Former Employee) says

"They have a high turn over rate as it is not pleasant to work in this department, career progression outside of Credit solutions frowned upon by management. Cons: Bad management, High turnover and No Career progression"

CSA (Former Employee) says

"Enjoyed working with a great bunch of like minded girls at ASB TAUPO who were capable of having a close relationship with all of their customers and able to achieve targets without the competitiveness I've seen previously."

Wealth Manager (Former Employee) says

"Enjoyed working with other wider Teams, always busy and productive with a lot of activities and opportunities on the go."

Business Banking Manager (Former Employee) says

"Totally new operation in Wellington having only previously operated in the Auckland and Northland areas. Came from a Savings Bank operation which was an issue. Senior Management also came from this background and were thrust into new roles that not all were suited for. Cons: Bank had a savings bank attitude"

Wealth Operations Consultant (Former Employee) says

"great facilities and environment, hostile managers, understaffed. Did have a chance to learn and do lots though. Pay was average, often had to work long hours but not too much. Quite difficult to further your career"

Data Entry (Former Employee) says

"I loved working for the visa center. Was my 1st job after high school."

Risk Administrator (Former Employee) says

"As above, inputting data into various spreadsheets and databases and distributed to the various business departments."

Credit Controller (Former Employee) says

"I start at 8.00am each morning.I usually get into work by 7.30am .I log into my system and firstly look at and prioritise all emails.Then I check for any telephone messages and attend to them.we have a worklist on the system regarding files and accounts that need to be reviewed.I bring up the list and print it off. Cons: Heavy workloads."